Our Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya Invests In Yu


Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya has made an equity investment in D2C food startup Yu and also joined the startup as its brand ambassador. Yu offers breakfast meal bowls, lunch and dinner, and sells instant noodles, pastas, desserts and halwa. The startup is planning to expand its product portfolio by launching 8-10 new products in the next 12 months. Yu claims to have doubled its revenue in the last six months and earns 40% of its sales from online channels. In 2022, Yu secured INR 20 Cr in Series A funding round led by Ashish Kacholia.

It is impressive that Yu has a diversified product portfolio of 15 SKUs and has established a strong presence in various distribution channels including offline stores, e-commerce, and quick commerce segments. Additionally, the fact that the startup exports to other countries such as South Africa, the US, and Singapore is a testament to its potential for global expansion. Moreover, Hardik Pandya’s investment and endorsement of the brand as a brand ambassador would likely help Yu gain more visibility and market share. His statement about the brand’s unique selling proposition of making packaged foods without chemicals or preservatives is also a testament to Yu’s commitment to providing healthier food options to consumers.

It’s interesting to see how the D2C food startup Yu is gaining momentum in India. The recent equity investment and brand ambassadorship by Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya is likely to help Yu expand its reach and tap into new markets. Moreover, the startup has also raised INR 20 Cr in Series A funding round led by Ashish Kacholia in 2022. Yu’s competitors in India’s D2C food market include brands such as Buddha Bowls, The Bowl Company, and The Meal Bowl. As per an Inc42 report, the country’s D2C market is expected to become a $200 Bn space by 2026, providing a great opportunity for startups like Yu to grow and thrive.