OMBIKA is delivering the happiest & comfortable experience to Indian Sellers and Buyers


The future of the e-commerce industry in the Indian Market is so bright. And, there’s no any doubt that e-Commerce would be the default option for purchasing anything in India; due to the lack of time & the vastest daily routine. That’s why new e-commerce players are entering the industry on large scale, keeping in mind the bright future of e-commerce in India.

When new players enter any industry, then automatic competition arises between new players and old shorts of the industry. When competition arises within the same industry players, then only consumers get benefited. In this competitive scenario, OMBIKA was founded in 2019 with the goal of delivering the happiest & comfortable experience to Indian Sellers as well as Buyers. Our Main goal is to protect Buyers as well as Sellers from e-commerce industry scammers.

OMBIKA does not enter into the Indian E-Commerce Industry to serve only Indian Sellers & Buyers; our motive also tends to provide earning opportunities to Indian Job-seekers. That’s why we are planning to hire about 75K employees during the FY: 2023-24; in this mission, we also asked for support from all Indian shoppers & sellers to join hands with us. And, also asking for support from all Indian Citizens as awareness with your nearby friends, relatives, neighbors, etc for more n more shopping or purchasing from OMBIKA.

OMBIKA nowadays; operates National e-Commerce Marketplace & Local e-Commerce Marketplace, and climbing the ladder of success day by day. And, very soon we will launch Foreign e-Commerce Marketplace. Multiple marketplaces are available to keep the comfort of the sellers, who wish to sell online. Our team also helps sellers with GST Registration as well as GST filing.

OMBIKA is a Purely Indian E-Commerce Marketplace Operator and launched Single Registration Link for all India Sellers to join any e-commerce marketplace:

E-Commerce Marketplace by OMBIKA has been launched on September 2, 2019, with the blessing of God “Ganesha” on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and completed 3 Years in the e-commerce industry. We have earned the trust of Indians and become a Symbol of Trust for Indian Online Shoppers and Online Sellers as a result of their efforts and effective marketing techniques.

OMBIKA is a 100% Indian e-commerce platform.

OMBIKA is a platform for online buying and selling.

OMBIKA is Capital for the Indian Sellers & Buyers.