Ola Care Subscription was Launched by Ola 


Ola care has two categories of subscription plans Ola Care and Ola Care plus. The benefits of the Ola Care plan include free labour on service, a theft backing helpline and Roadside and perforation backing. Ola Care plus, in addition to Ola Care’s benefits, includes periodic comprehensive individual, free home service and pick- up/ drop, free consumables and 24/7 croaker and ambulance service.

Ola will take care of comprehensive scooter individual, towing and perforation help, and theft backing free of charge with the subscription plans. It’ll also offer other services similar as 24 × 7 ambulance service, online croaker discussion,hack for onward trip, hostel accommodation in case of breakdown outside megacity limits, and vehicle  guardianship services for the comfort of the  druggies, Convenience figure on home service and pick up and drop has also been waived under the plan. Before this month, Ola declared its entry into the decoration EV  order with a  line of 10000  buses . The company said it was in the final stages of rolling out the airman of the new order over the coming weeks. Ola’s new decoration  line will be operated by top- rated motorists, and will give benefits like 100 lift assurance post allocation of hack, zero cancellations, and 100 cashless payments, the company said. 

It  recently rolled out Move OS 3, its  rearmost software update for its electric vehicles, to over one lakh guests over the air (OTA). In December, the company announced its registered total deals of over 10000 units during the month. Before this month, the company laid off around 200  workers  before from its tech and product  brigades as part of a restructuring exercise.