NPCI’s Interchange Fee For PPI-Based UPI Transactions


The article discusses the challenges that startup founders face when it comes to leadership and people management. The founder and CEO of the logistics SaaS startup LogiNext, Dhruvil Sanghvi, shared his experiences and lessons learned on hiring, defining and developing a startup’s values, culture, and structure as the company scales.

Sanghvi emphasizes the need to work with employees instead of micromanaging them, allowing them to be their own bosses and bring more to the table. He also shares his experience of learning to delegate work and trusting team members while being watchful by applying the right metrics and direct without being disrespectful. Sanghvi also stresses the importance of team engagement activities, which have given LogiNext the highest ROI in terms of time and money spent.

The article highlights the challenges that startup founders face when leading a company, and the need for them to develop the skills required to manage people effectively. It also emphasizes the importance of trust, delegation, and direct communication, as well as team engagement activities, in building a successful startup culture. This is a common experience for many startup founders. Starting a company requires a lot of trial and error, especially when it comes to management and leadership. It’s important for founders to be open to learning and to be willing to make changes to their approach as they grow and scale their business. The ability to adapt and evolve as a leader is crucial for success in the competitive startup ecosystem