Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: “Lost My Virginity”

    Never Have I Ever

    In the highly anticipated fourth and final season of Mindy Kaling’s hit series, Never Have I Ever, we dive right into the aftermath of Devi and Ben’s eventful night together. The episode titled “Lost My Virginity” wastes no time in showcasing the awkward and relatable moments that follow such a milestone.

    Devi and Ben find themselves in bed, both looking visibly horrified by what transpired between them. The show beautifully captures the reality of losing one’s virginity, with two inexperienced individuals trying to navigate the complexities of intimacy. Devi and Ben’s feelings for each other, which had been brewing beneath the surface for three seasons, add an additional layer of complexity to their post-coital small talk.

    Miscommunication quickly becomes the focal point as Devi, Fabiola, and Ramona analyze the text message exchange between Ben and Devi. Devi, attempting to appear composed, suggests meeting at Starbucks, while Ben seeks advice from NBA star Dwight Howard on how to handle the situation. Howard advises against the Starbucks meet-up, and Ben, perhaps out of fear or uncertainty, makes a cold-blooded move by telling Devi to have a great summer instead.

    When the new school year begins, Devi tries to revert to being friends with Ben. However, her hopes are shattered when she discovers that Ben spent his summer dating his former art tutor, Margot. Devi, consumed by anger and hurt, sabotages her chance of receiving a college admissions recommendation from a conservative teacher by publicly outing her one-night stand with Ben. This act of retaliation sets off a tumultuous war between Devi and Margot.

    Meanwhile, Devi’s former flame, Paxton, faces his own challenges as a freshman at Arizona State. He realizes that his high school popularity does not necessarily guarantee a smooth transition to college life. Paxton’s new roommates taunt him, and he longs for the familiar comfort of Sherman Oaks, where he once reigned supreme.

    Trent, repeating his senior year, decides to make a grand gesture by proposing to Eleanor. However, Eleanor wisely declines, acknowledging their youth and the need for personal growth. Trent ends the relationship, comparing Eleanor to a shooting star he’s trying to hold down, hinting that they may find each other again in the future.

    Amidst the chaos, Ben seizes an opportunity to apologize to Devi for ghosting her. He confesses that their shared experience made him realize they shouldn’t be together due to their mutual insecurities and competitiveness. Surprisingly, Devi accepts his decision, demonstrating a moment of maturity and acceptance.

    The episode concludes on a bittersweet note as Devi walks to her car and discovers it vandalized with the words “stupid bitch” spray-painted on the side. Blaming Margot for the act, Devi’s animosity towards her intensifies, further fueling their ongoing feud.

    Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 1, “Lost My Virginity,” delivers an emotionally charged start to the final season. It explores the complexities of relationships, the challenges of personal growth, and the consequences of miscommunication. As the stage is set for further drama and character development, viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of Devi, Ben, and Margot’s intertwined journeys.

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