NASSCOM: Startup ecosystem improving in West Bengal in What’s newest secrets!

Sanjoy Chatterjee
Sanjoy Chatterjee

The startup ecosystem in eastern India, chiefly West Bengal is improving, NASSCOM (East) chairman Sanjoy Chatterjee thought here on Wednesday.

NASSCOM, the premier employment body of IT and ITeS sector, has so far gestated 221 start-ups in the district so far, he told journalists meeting here.

It set up the silo intended to mentor the largest start-up ecosystem in the eastern part of the nation seven years ago.

Out of the 221 gestated start-ups, 79 were funded, including 49 with the second sequences. These start-ups included together technology and non-tech ones in the MSME and large creativities space.

“The start-up ecology in the east, particularly West Bengal, is improving. A big number of IT and ITeS firms are profitable to start operations from the city,” Chatterjee thought.

Besides NASSCOM, the other major brooders in West Bengal are IIM Innovation Park and IIT Kharagpur among others.

Enlarging NASSCOM’s efforts in Bengal, he said it will clasp the first Bengal Entrepreneurs Conference on Technology in the city on January 1,9, and an additional than 400start-ups are expected to be present at the event.

Among the contributors will be start-ups from the tech, IoT, blockchain, data science, and fintech, besides scheme capitalists and angel investors, he said.

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