Microsoft Owned-GitHub Lays Off Strong India Engineering Team


It is unfortunate to hear that GitHub, owned by Microsoft, has laid off its entire engineering team in India, affecting over 140 employees. The layoffs were not based on performance, and the impacted employees were offered a severance package of two months’ pay, along with a strict non-disclosure agreement. This decision is part of the reorganization plan shared by GitHub in February, where the company announced a 10% reduction in its workforce and a shift to remote work, along with a hiring freeze. The tech industry globally has been hit hard by the global macroeconomic crisis, leading to enterprise customers cutting down on their spending. It is a challenging time for the affected employees and their families, and we hope they can find new opportunities soon. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it would lay off 10,000 employees, which amounts to about 5% of its workforce globally. As part of this decision, Microsoft also laid off employees at its India Development Centers, which are the company’s research and development divisions in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. It is unfortunate to see such widespread job losses, and we hope that those affected can find new opportunities soon.

The tech industry, like many other industries, has been hit hard by the global macroeconomic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to fears of an upcoming recession. Many businesses, including enterprise customers, have cut down their spending to manage their finances during these uncertain times. As a result, several tech companies have been forced to reduce their workforce or cut down on their expenses to stay afloat. It is a challenging time for the industry, and it remains to be seen how long it will take for things to return to normal.