Manu Jain Leaves Xiaomi to Pursue Entrepreneurial Ambitions


Manu Jain, the co-founder of the popular Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, has announced his departure from the company. Jain was the Global Vice President of Xiaomi, and has been with the firm since its inception in 2010.

Jain has been a major influencer in Xiaomi’s growth, and his departure will be a major blow to the company. In a statement, he said that he is leaving Xiaomi to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and build a startup focusing on something other than phones and gadgets.

Jain’s departure from Xiaomi marks the end of an era for the company. He was instrumental in driving the company’s global expansion efforts, and was the face of the company in India. Under his tenure, Xiaomi became the top smartphone brand in India, and was able to capture a large chunk of the market share.

Jain’s decision to leave Xiaomi has sent shockwaves through the industry, with many industry watchers wondering why he decided to leave the company. In a statement, Jain said that he had “been inspired by the company’s mission and its commitment to ‘invent and simplify’ and wanted to build something of my own.”

Jain did not specify what his new venture would be, but said that it would be something that was “not related to smartphones or gadgets”. He added that he wanted to focus on something that could have a larger impact on people’s lives.

Jain’s departure is a major blow to Xiaomi, which has seen its share of the global smartphone market declining in recent years. However, the company has said that it is in good hands and that it will continue to pursue its mission of “invent and simplify” under the leadership of its CEO Lei Jun.

Jain’s departure has also raised a few questions about Xiaomi’s future, especially in India. Jain was instrumental in driving the company’s growth in the subcontinent, and his absence may be felt in the near future.

Jain has said that he will continue to support Xiaomi through his new venture, and that he is excited to explore new opportunities. His departure is being seen as a major loss to Xiaomi, and his future plans will be closely watched in the coming months.