Know The Tech Trends To Watch Out For In 2023!

Tech Trends
Tech Trends

Once more, Black Friday took place in an interesting environment. Inflation is skyrocketing, and our research displays that 43% of consumers think it’s better to wait with purchases. This year, products and retailers were under extreme pressure to recoup growth with a peak sales date that was looking leaner than ever — even more so as Black Friday shared the limelight with the FIFA World Cup.  

A wristwatch is our on-demand webinar, where Norbert Herzog, GfK’s Senior Global Strategic Visions Manager, reveals how 2022’s Black Friday sales were achieved globally and across key markets. 

We’ll deep dive into the statistics so you can surface: 

  • How is this year’s event linked to previous years?
  • Sales results with highlights on key souqs and across product categories
  • Discounting levels, hero foodstuffs, and winning strategies
  • Sales channel undercurrents and eCommerce performance

The state of the Consumer Tech and Durables business, trends, and challenges

Income of 20 minutes to hear our expert portion of this year’s Black Friday results and learnings for future promotions. Just seal in the form to watch the webinar nowadays.

Technology continues to drive invention across business models in various industries; for growth, to stay relevant, and be discriminated from the competition, enterprises brainstormed, thought artistically, and embraced innovation to create breakthrough value for their clientele.

Technology everywhere we is fast transforming the world outside our anticipation. While technological developmeCOVID-19 been evolving for years now, COVID 19 has further accelerated the process.

In the existing era, technologies that are gaining traction are — cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, Amplified reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technology besides Green Technology — to term a few.

Tech Trends Drones

Tech Trends

The Covid outburst has increased the use of contactless technologies, revolutionizing every aspect of our life, from payments and food transfers to health care. Drones are also one such skill that is fast catching people’s imagination.

Union Ministry of Civil Aviation estimations that the industry’s turnover is currently around Rs 80 crore. This is probable to surge to Rs 12,000-15,000 crore by 2026.

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