Key Takeaways from Recent Election Results in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Florida


In the recent elections held in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Florida, significant outcomes and trends have emerged, providing insights into the political landscape and potential implications for future races. Here are key takeaways from these elections:

  1. Kentucky sets the stage for a crucial governor’s race: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s victory in the Republican primary sets up a high-stakes governor’s race in 2023. Incumbent Democrat Governor Andy Beshear’s bid for a second term will serve as an important bellwether for his party, as they defend Senate seats in other red states in the 2024 elections.
  2. Trump secures a proxy win over DeSantis: Former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Daniel Cameron in Kentucky demonstrated his enduring influence with Republican primary voters. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is seen as a potential contender for the 2024 presidential nomination, faced setbacks as his last-minute endorsement in the Kentucky race fell flat.
  3. Cameron could make history: If Daniel Cameron succeeds in defeating Governor Andy Beshear in November, he would become Kentucky’s first Black governor and the first Black Republican to be elected governor in the United States. Cameron’s victory would be a significant milestone and a testament to the potential for individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve success in politics.
  4. Democratic wins in Jacksonville and Philadelphia: Democrat Donna Deegan’s victory in the Jacksonville mayoral race marks a significant shift in the city’s political landscape, as it had previously been the largest city in the United States with a Republican mayor. Deegan’s campaign focused on increasing transparency in city hall. Similarly, in Philadelphia, Cherelle Parker emerged as the Democratic nominee for mayor, defeating leading progressives in the process.
  5. Mixed results for progressives in Pennsylvania: Progressives experienced a setback in Philadelphia’s mayoral race, as Helen Gym failed to capture the Democratic nomination. Cherelle Parker, a moderate Democrat, emerged as the front-runner. However, in western Pennsylvania, state Rep. Sara Innamorato’s nomination for Allegheny County executive signifies continued progress for progressives in the region.
  6. Pennsylvania Republicans favor establishment-backed candidate: In the race for an open seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Republican voters chose Judge Carolyn Carluccio, supported by the GOP establishment, over a candidate aligned with Trump’s wing of the party. This outcome highlights a rebound for more traditional elements of the GOP in the battleground state.
  7. Republican Secretary of State in Kentucky wins decisively: Kentucky’s Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams, known for his work in expanding mail-in and early voting, comfortably defeated an election-denying challenger. Adams’ victory underscores the significance of maintaining election integrity and countering false claims about the electoral process.

These election results provide a glimpse into the dynamics and evolving political landscape in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Florida. They serve as indicators of future trends and the potential impact on upcoming races, both within these states and nationally.