Jaro Education Is Another Profitable Edtech Firm After PW


Jaro Education is an Indian education company that offers courses in collaboration with various universities and institutes. The company turned profitable in FY22, reporting a profit of Rs 6.3 crore, which increased to Rs 15.7 crore in FY23. The company’s revenue grew by 78.3% to Rs 85 crore in FY22, and by 76.4% to Rs 150.97 crore in FY23. Employee benefits formed 37.3% of the company’s overall expenditure, which grew by 37.6% to Rs 30.69 crore in FY22. Jaro Education’s main source of income is commissions collected from course fees, with other income mainly from interest on unsecured loans. The company faces challenges from well-funded competitors, but its focus on executive and online education has helped it maintain profitability without VC funding.

The competition in the edtech industry is intense, with well-funded competitors having the ability to disrupt the market by operating with heavy losses or poaching talent. Despite this, Jaro Education has managed to maintain profitability without VC funding. It will be interesting to see if the company continues to grow and maintain its profitability, or if it seeks a wholesale exit at a rich valuation in the future. The founder will have to navigate the challenges posed by competition and changing market dynamics to ensure the long-term success of the company.