Ipsos Expands B2B Research Capabilities with Acquisition of Xperiti


Ipsos, one of the world’s largest market research companies, has recently announced the acquisition of Xperiti, a B2B research and analytics provider. The acquisition is part of Ipsos’s strategic plan to expand its capabilities in the B2B market and provide clients with enhanced insights and solutions.

Xperiti, which was founded in 2014, provides clients with insights into customer journeys, products and services, and competitive advantages. The firm also offers advanced analytics and data-driven insights to help businesses make informed decisions. With the acquisition, Ipsos is looking to leverage Xperiti’s expertise and technology to strengthen its existing capabilities in the B2B space.

Ipsos has been actively involved in the B2B market for many years and has developed a range of proprietary solutions and services to meet the needs of clients. The acquisition of Xperiti is the latest move in. Ipsos’s strategy to expand its presence in the B2B market and provide clients with the best possible insights. According to Ipsos CEO, Jean-Marc Lech, “Xperiti’s expertise and technology will help us to provide our clients with a more comprehensive suite of B2B research and analytics solutions.”

Xperiti’s CEO, Bruce Jaffe, added that “joining Ipsos allows us to leverage our expertise and technology to provide clients with a more comprehensive and powerful set of insights. We are excited to be part of Ipsos and look forward to helping them expand their presence in the B2B space.”

The acquisition of Xperiti is a major step forward for Ipsos, and is expected to help the company strengthen its position in the B2B market. With Xperiti’s expertise and technology, Ipsos will be able to provide clients with powerful insights and solutions that will enable them to make more informed decisions.