Indian Datasets Will Have Restricted Access


The government will decide on criteria for granting access to Indian datasets, and  similar datasets will have confined access, said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology on Monday (March 13). Chandrasekhar was speaking at the IndiaAI programme’s first round of consultations, which is set to be launched after 40 days of consultations with assiduity stakeholders. The programme will see the creation of a public AI data platform and open up datasets held by the government for startups, experimenters and  originators.

The government on Monday held the first round of consultations on the IndiaAI programme with assistance stakeholders, policy lawyers, and academics to design a  public AI (artificial intelligence) data platform and open up datasets held by the government for  launch- ups, experimenters, and  originators. “We need to design a public AI data platform, making data held by government organisations and the private sector available to experimenters and  inventions. The India dataset has a particular applicability that has not been seen away. There’s a perception that if we can do this right it’ll be a gold standard of datasets,” said Chandrasekhar. He added the programme would ensure that Indian datasets would help start-ups and experimenters in structure  operations. The minister invited assistance stakeholders and experts to levy on designing crucial aspects of the programme. The government plans to launch the programme by the end of April after around 40 days of discussion.

The programme includes the design of the India Data Management Office (IDMO), which will aim to ameliorate access, quality, and the use of public sector data to catalyse data-driven governance and decision-timber, and  produce an ecosystem for data-grounded Innovation and exploration. Other top issues  bandied about then included the situation of Indian datasets, exploration systems on AI, and ways to produce use cases with the technology. Representatives from assiduity bodies similar as the National Association of Software and Service Companies, policy advocacy groups, suppose tanks, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra took part in the consultations.