In the Last Two Years, Ans Commerce Soared Its Revenue Upto Government Times 


E-commerce services provider, ANS Commerce was acquired by Flipkart at around Rs 250 crore last time. The accession had come on the reverse of five-fold growth in its scale in the last two fiscals. The operating profit of the five-year old company grew from Rs 20 crore in FY20 to Rs 112 crore in FY22, according to its periodic  fiscal statements with the Registrar of Companies (RoC).

During the accession, Flipkart said that ANS Commerce will continue to operate as an independent platform under its leadership  platoon. It presently claims to work with over 100 brands and helps them  sell on their own website and 15 commerce. Collections from the  trade of products enabled increased 52 to Rs44.7 crore during FY22. On the expenditure side, the cost of  earning particulars from the brands is the largest cost center for the company, forming 38.1 of the overall expenditure. This cost surged 59.4 to Rs 46.47 crore in the  financial time ending March 2022.   Advertising and  creation followed the cost of products which jumped 2 X to Rs 40.25 crore in FY22 from Rs 18.33 crore in FY21. The hand benefit cost and secondary quilting charges show up 2.1 X and 3.3 X independently to Rs 18.68 crore and Rs2.31 crore in the last  financial time which pushed its total cost by 87.7 to Rs 122 crore in FY22 from Rs 65 crore in FY21.

While filling an  egregious gap in the request for enterprises that wish to have their owne-commerce play, indeed while being present on online platforms, ANS Commerce has done well to  total a full force of mates to deliver a completee-commerce experience for its  guests. As long as enterprises, small or large, seek to have their own online pitch too, ANS will thrive, especially on the reverse of the strong backing it has now. Its capability to add in the  rearmost features also ensures a regular update on its immolation, not to mention the possibilities of customizing it for different clients.