In FY22, the Zomato-Backed Magicpin’s Losses Increase 


After facing a reduction in scale during FY21, offline discovery and price platform Magicpin has addressed over 59 growth in the last  financial time. Still, the six- time-old company bled heavily and its losses soared over three fold during the same period. Magicpin’s profit from operations grew 59.6 to Rs 233 crore during the financial time ending March 2022 as opposed to Rs 146 crore in FY21, according to its consolidated periodic fiscal statements with the Registrar of Companies (RoC). 

The Gurugram- grounded company also builds engagement and visibility for its mate retailers and brands to help drive up their new and repeat business and categorizes these collections as marketing and commission profit. This income shot up 3.8 X to Rs23.8 crore during the time from Rs6.3 crore in FY21. It earned Rs 6.62 crore from interest on fixed deposits, current investments and conditioning which took its overall profit to Rs 239 crore during the last financial time. Magicpin further incurred Rs4.11 crore of legal & professional charges which steered its overall cost by 2X to Rs 384 crore in FY22 as compared to Rs 192 crore in FY21. Following the  expansive cash burn, its cash exoduses spiked 2.5 X to Rs 127 crore. Though the scale of Magicpin grew around 60, over two fold jumps in charges left its bottomline bleeding.

The company’s losses strengthened 3.3 X to Rs 145 crore during FY22 against Rs43.7 crore in  addition, its outstanding losses registered at Rs 395 crore. Heading towards  rates, the EBITDA periphery depressed to 60.17 which could be attributed to multiplex jump in  client accession costs during FY22. On a unit  position, Magicpin spent Rs1.65 to earn a rupee of operating income during the same period.