IDigitalCareer transforms the edtech industry and lives of people


IDIGITALCAREER   is an online learning platform that focus on offering skills based courses, like Self development, Digital marketing, soft skills, High demandable courses, and freelancing mastery courses that enhances the entrepreneur’s skills and supports the emerging business tycoons striving hard to position themselves as the corporate leader. By offering top-not courses under one roof, IDIGITALCAREER  provides an opportunity to become an affiliate and earn a commission on the promotion of courses available on the platform IDIGITALCAREER  .

So many finding the job but they are struggling but IDIGITALCAREER  provide proper skills based knowledge, people can make a decent amount of money through monetize these skills !

And the best part is that IDIGITALCAREER  is not only provide the knowledge & skills, IDIGITALCAREER provide a proper system where you can implement all the learning & skills & you can make money through it !

With continuous efforts and excellent methodologies, the brand is reaching a broader target audience and has successfully built its reputation in the eyes of more than 3000 students. Founded in November 2022, the IDIGITALCAREER  brings its distinctive approach and unique course to the educational sector. With the vision to bridge the gap between what people are taught and what the industry needs, the leader brings one-of-a-kind services in the business realm and is changing the dynamics of the EdTech universe.

The fascinating aspect of witnessing an EdTech firm is the innovative quotient it possesses to stand out from the rest. As EdTech entrepreneurs increase their efforts to dedicate themselves entirely to a better digital learning platform, E-learning platforms are gaining a solid foothold in education technology. Thus, if you want to excel in your respective field or make a remarkable contribution to the professional world, then IDIGITALCAREER  is standing right beside you to make you reach a new definition of success.

& You know the person who is the founder of IDIGITALCAREER  So here is the he founder of IDIGITALCAREER !

He is Mr. Rahul Sen. The founder of IDIGITALCAREER , He is A Content creator, Youtuber,
 Digital Coach & Trainer .

He has experienced of Affiliate Marketing more than 2 years, he earned more than 40 lac rupees through Affiliate Marketing Business !

He is a great mentor in this industry.

He created IDIGITALCAREER  with a very strong vision & mission.

He learned the art of selling, marketing, the fundamentals of marketing, and the necessities to continue the affiliate marketing business through the  company he was working with. He was now earning a fulfilling amount and finally reached stability, but it still felt incomplete. He was able to see through India’s endless opportunities due to its population and young generation. He finally decided to enter the EdTech market. The concept was not a fresh one, but considering the high rate of the youth population, it was undoubtedly a field that could be the starting point for his further accomplishments. Bridging the gap between educational knowledge and financial knowledge, Ed-tech in the combination with entrepreneurship is a right decision.


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