How Ratan Tata-Backed MyMandi Is Applying Amul’s Playbook


MyMandi is a startup that is looking to disrupt the fruits and vegetables market in India by applying a model similar to that of Amul, the iconic dairy brand that revolutionized the dairy industry in India. The startup is backed by Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Sons and one of India’s most respected business leaders.

The basic idea behind MyMandi is to create a platform that connects farmers directly with consumers, cutting out intermediaries and reducing the cost of transportation and storage. This approach is similar to the one taken by Amul, which built a network of milk cooperatives that enabled farmers to sell their milk directly to consumers, bypassing middlemen and securing a fair price for their produce.

MyMandi is leveraging technology to create a platform that connects farmers with consumers in a seamless and efficient manner. The platform allows farmers to list their produce for sale, and consumers can browse through the listings and place orders directly with the farmers. The startup handles the logistics of transporting the produce from the farms to the consumers, ensuring that the produce is fresh and of high quality.

The startup has already gained significant traction in the Indian market, with more than 40,000 farmers and over 2 million consumers using the platform. MyMandi has also partnered with several state governments to provide support to farmers and help them access new markets. The startup has received funding from several prominent investors, including Ratan Tata, Omidyar Network, and Qualcomm Ventures.

MyMandi’s approach to the fruits and vegetables market is unique in India, where the market is dominated by traditional intermediaries and middlemen who often take a significant cut of the profits. The startup’s focus on direct farmer-consumer connections and the use of technology to streamline logistics and reduce costs has the potential to create a more sustainable and equitable system for farmers and consumers alike.

Overall, MyMandi’s innovative approach to the fruits and vegetables market, combined with the backing of prominent investors such as Ratan Tata, has the potential to shake up the market and create a new model for agricultural supply chains in India.