How Dell Technologies Helps Startups in Their Growth Journey


Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies, which has products and services spanning hardware and software, has been closely associated with the startups in India for the last two-and-half-years. Director and GM—Global Alliances, Service Providers & Startups – India, Dell Technologies, says, “We see enormous potential in the startups for us to contribute and help them make them more successful.

” Via its “Dell for Startups”, the company says it offers support to startups in multiple areas such as technology, finance, HR, the customer connects, mentoring, etc. The program was launched in 2021.

The five key areas of engagement for Dell with startups have been

Directly engaging with startups, engaging via accelerators and incubators, investor community, peer technology companies, and industry bodies. Saudi says, on average, Dell interacts with over 2,000 startups every quarter and around 250 of them are its customers. The second point of engagement that Dell has with the startups is through accelerators and incubators.

Dealing with the funding winter Funding in startups has slowed down in the past few months, leading to companies rethinking their finances. “Today startups are talking about how we can have things that are less expensive and stretch the money,” says Sudeep. This is where Dell comes in and helps these startups in multiple ways such as reducing technology costs, helping their cybersecurity framework, and creating supply chain efficiencies. The idea is that startups can focus on their core task of product building.

Given that Dell provides a wide array of products and services across industries, it becomes an ideal partner for startups in any sector be it in fintech, edtech, 3D printing, or manufacturing. This also means that Dell is also continuously engaging with startups as they have different requirements at each growth stage. At one stage, it could be a technology requirement, and then it could evolve into meeting customers or nationwide expansion among many other things.