How Alphabet’s Under-the-Radar Business Could Take its Stock to New Heights


Alphabet Inc. is one of the largest and most successful tech companies in the world. With a market capitalization of over $1.3 trillion, it is no surprise that its stock has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years. But could the company’s under-the-radar business take its stock to the next level?

Alphabet’s under-the-radar business is its venture capital arm, GV (formerly Google Ventures). GV invests in early-stage startups in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, biosciences, artificial intelligence, and fintech. This means that Alphabet has a stake in some of the most innovative and disruptive technologies of the future.

GV’s investments have already had a positive impact on Alphabet’s stock. For example, GV was an early investor in Uber, and its stake in the ride-sharing giant has resulted in a significant increase in Alphabet’s stock price. Additionally, GV has also invested in several other high-growth startups, such as Stripe, Slack, and Lyft, all of which have seen their valuations skyrocket.

Furthermore, GV’s investments in healthcare and biotechnology could be particularly beneficial for Alphabet’s stock. By investing in new treatments and technologies, GV could help Alphabet gain access to groundbreaking innovations in the healthcare sector. This could bring a whole new level of growth and profitability to Alphabet’s stock.

To sum up, GV’s investments in some of the world’s most innovative companies could be a powerful source of growth for Alphabet’s stock. With its venture capital arm, Alphabet has a stake in some of the most disruptive technologies of the future, which could lead to significant increases in its stock price. As such, GV’s investments could be a key factor in taking Alphabet’s stock to new heights.