Harmony Unleashed: Flash Forward Productions Garners Love with ‘Tobei Kishore Kumar Hobe’!


Kolkata, 18.11.23

Embark on a creative symphony as Flash Forward Productions, guided by the brilliant duo Upahar Biswas and Sayan Chakraborty, releases their latest gem, “Tobei Kishore Kumar Hobe.” This original music video is a testament to their artistry, showcasing a retro musicality that captivates the soul.

Capturing the Essence:

Crafted by the versatile Sayan Chakraborty, the song’s witty lyrics and captivating composition transcend time. Directed by the visionary Upahar Biswas, the music video paints the poignant journey of an aspiring singer against the backdrop of Kishore Kumar’s legacy.

Resounding Success:

The music video has struck a resonant chord, amassing 1.1 lakh views within the first 36 hours on YouTube. Mannu Kohli from Panorama Music deserves applause for contributing to this success. With over 5,000 likes, the audience has embraced the clever lyrics, dynamic shots, and retro charm, highlighting the undeniable production prowess of Flash Forward Productions.

Acknowledging Brilliance:

Special kudos to Kalpan Mitra, the lead protagonist, for flawlessly embodying the character’s essence, and to Pradip Kumar Biswas, whose execution breathed life into the role of the teacher. Abhijit Jhuppa Bose, the mix master, and Surojit Sarkar, the makeup artist, deserve accolades for their exceptional contributions.

The Unique Flavor:

Witty lyrics by Sayan Chakraborty, captivating direction by Upahar Biswas, and the retro aesthetic create a visual masterpiece, transporting viewers to a nostalgic musical era.

Anticipating More:

The overwhelming response signals an eager audience anticipating the next creative brilliance from Flash Forward Productions.

Connect and Experience:

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Location: Kolkata

Contact Details:

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Stay Tuned for More Magical Moments!

As “Tobei Kishore Kumar Hobe” continues to captivate hearts, Flash Forward Productions invites you to join them on a journey where each note is a story, and every frame is a masterpiece.

### About Flash Forward Productions:

Flash Forward Productions, led by Upahar Biswas and Sayan Chakraborty, specializes in creating visual symphonies that resonate globally.