Haldiram’s Explores Majority Stake in Prataap Snacks: A Strategic Move


Haldiram’s, a prominent player in the Indian snacks market, is reportedly in talks to acquire a majority stake of at least 51% in Prataap Snacks Limited (PSL). While the negotiations are still in their early stages, the final percentage and deal valuation are yet to be determined, as per recent reports.

The deal is said to be orchestrated by venture capital firm Peak XV Partners, previously known as Sequoia Capital India, a significant part of the promoter group that already holds close to 47% ownership in PSL. This move indicates a strategic collaboration within the industry, aligning the strengths and expertise of both entities.

Prataap Snacks Limited, with its flagship brand “Yellow Diamond,” has established a robust presence in the market and poses a clear competition to major players, including Pepsi’s Lay’s brand. The company boasts a widespread network comprising more than 5,000 distributors and sub-distributors, providing an extensive reach to consumers across the country.

About Haldiram’s Explores Majority Stake:

The potential acquisition by Haldiram’s signifies a calculated expansion strategy, aiming to strengthen its market share and diversify its product portfolio. Haldiram’s, known for its diverse range of traditional and innovative snacks, could leverage PSL’s existing distribution network to enhance its market penetration.

The snack industry in India has witnessed dynamic changes in consumer preferences, with an increasing demand for both traditional and innovative snack options. The strategic collaboration between Haldiram’s and Prataap Snacks could create synergies, allowing them to capitalize on this evolving market landscape.

The positive movement in the shares of Prataap Snacks, closing at Rs 1,371.45 with a notable increase of 10.73%, reflects investor optimism regarding the potential acquisition. Investors seem to view this move as a strategic step that could benefit both companies in the competitive snacks market.

As the discussions progress, industry experts will keenly watch for further developments in this potential collaboration, anticipating the impact it may have on the snack industry and the market dynamics. The outcome of these talks could reshape the competitive landscape and set new trends in the evolving world of snack consumption in India.