Google Employee Says That the Layoffs Left Employees in Shock


Amid the layoff season by high- profile companies, tech Google has also started laying off its workers. At this time of extremity, the affected workers have started looking for new jobs on LinkedIn. Among those is an Indian- origin worker who said that ” he waited for six months to join Google”.  Joining a growing list of tech companies to trim staff as the profitable smash that the assiduity rode during the COVID- 19 epidemic ebbs, CEO Sundar Pichai, the parent company of Google, in a dispatch had informed staff on January 20 about the cuts.

The AWU was started in 2021 with 226 workers subscribing union cards with the Dispatches Workers of America in the United States. presently, the AWU claims a class of over 100 workers. In a Twitter post, an account stated to be of the AWU cited the gestures of laid- off workers as well as the response of workers whose associates have been laid off. “Thousands of our associates were stripped of their livelihoods — without indeed being given the chance to say farewell to their teammates” it said, adding that these workers will now be forced to look for jobs alongside other tech workers that have been laid off over the past 14 months.  

The account also went on to partake “original studies” of the workers on the layoff news. In just the past month there have been many job cuts across the technology sector. Large and small tech companies went on a hiring spree several times due to a demand for their products, software and services surged with millions of people working ever. Still, indeed with all of the layoffs blazoned in recent weeks, utmost tech companies are still extensively larger than they were three times agone. Some of the companies that have blazed layoffs this month include Amazon, Salesforce, Coinbase, Microsoft, Google, and Spotify.