Global Investors Summit Organised By The Andhra Pradesh Was Successfull


The National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC) is amongst the major investors, and signed three MoUs with an investment of ₹ 235000 crore and employment generation for 27,000 people. The JSW Group inked six MoUs, the largest amongst the lot with an investment of ₹ 50,632 crore which will induce employment for 9,500 people. ABC Limited has signed  scowl for ₹1.2 lakh crore investments, generating employment for 7,000 people.

The Aurobindo Group inked five MoUs for ₹ 10,365 crore which will produce employment for 5,250 people. Adani Green Energy has  inked two MoUs involving an investment of ₹ 21,820 crore and employment generation for 14,000 people. The Aditya Birla Group  inked two MoUs for ₹ 9,300 crore, which will  induce employment for 850 people. Jindal Steel inked one scowl for ₹ 7,500 crore and it’s anticipated to give employment for 2,500 people. Sector-wise the Energy Department attracted 35 proffers for ₹8.25 lakh crore investment, generating 1.33 lakh employment openings followed by the diligence & Commerce that attracted around 41 proffers involving an investment of ₹3.2 lakh crore that will induce 1.79 lakh jobs. The IT and ITES Department managed to get six  proffers with an investment of ₹,944 crore with an eventuality to produce employment for 8,815 people.

The Tourism Department drew 10 proffers with an investment of ₹ 8,718 crore which will induce employment for 13,400 people. Leading the list of investments in Andhra Pradesh was a bevy of renewable energy companies. NASDAQ- listed ReNew led the way with an investment of Rs 97,500 crore towards setting up green energy  systems in the state. “Andhra Pradesh will regard for ReNew’s largest- ever investment in a single state,” said CEO Sumanth Sinha, “We’re investing in green hydrogen, solar panel manufacturing and  force chain”. Outlining the advantages of Andhra Pradesh, Mukesh Ambani said that it has a long list of brilliant diligence and industrialists, especially in pharma and  structure and over all, Andhra has a vast  ocean border which has the implicit to turn it into a blue frugality. He also expressed confidence that Andhra Pradesh would play an important  part in the growth story of New India.