Flipkart explores ChatGPT use cases, drones for delivery


Walmart-owned online shop Flipkart is looking to firm up its tech stack by joining advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platforms by way of ChatGPT. The company, which has used AI to challenge logistics issues and fraud in the past, is testing with natural language generation (NLG) -based chatbots, alike Open AI’s ChatGPT, Jeyandran Venugopal, Flipkart’s chief creation and technology officer said.

“We are attentive in exploring use cases of ChatGPT and looking at great NLG models. We have something cookery and we are working on it in the backend,” Venugopal supposed in an interview.

However, he was concerned about its accuracy levels and vulnerability to giving incorrect information.

“So, if you’re just doing overall chit-chat and you get incorrect information on which you’re not basing any fiscal decisions like buying a product, it is fine. Level OpenAI has warned against using it for anything truly critical as there are a lot of issues to be bugged out,” he added. OpenAI founder Sam Altman advised on Twitter last month that ChatGPT cannot be relied upon for “whatever important.”

Flipkart explores ChatGPT use cases

To be sure, while integrating ChatGPT in its efforts might be new, Flipkart is no stranger to language mockups. Venugopal said the firm has been more focused on traditional natural language processing (NLP) and Google’s Bidirectional Encoder Pictures, or Bert, so far.

NLP refers to processes capable of understanding the meaning of a body of text, while NLG consists of processes that can generate human philological text.

Venugopal said this year, Flipkart will last to invest in improving the personalization experience of shoppers and reporting of technologies such as automated machine translation, and voice and copy search. The company made several design vagaries in its shopping app last year to simplify direction finding and added live commerce, image search, and a new unit for premium brands.

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