Finalists Selected for Mandan Business Pitch Challenge


The Mandan Chamber of Commerce has announced the finalists of the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge, an annual competition that offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their business proposals to a panel of judges. The finalists, chosen from a pool of applicants, will have a chance to win cash and in-kind prizes.

The Mandan Business Pitch Challenge is open to entrepreneurs in Mandan, North Dakota and the surrounding area. Applicants must submit a business plan that outlines their proposed business, their unique qualifications, and their vision for success. The plans are then reviewed by a panel of judges, who select the finalists based on criteria such as originality, presentation, and feasibility.

This year’s finalists are: Katelyn Berg, who is proposing a mobile veterinary clinic; Jody Reynolds, who is proposing a childcare center; and Annabelle Jones, who is proposing a pet rescue and adoption center. Each of the finalists will present their business plan with marketing and management strategies to a panel of judges on June 15th at the Mandan Chamber of Commerce. The judges will select the winner based on the strength of their business plan and the potential for success.

The winner of the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge will receive a cash prize of $5,000 and a package of in-kind prizes, such as business consulting services, marketing support, and legal advice. The runner-up will receive a $2,500 cash prize and a package of in-kind prizes.

The Mandan Business Pitch Challenge is an annual event and a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas and receive recognition for their hard work and dedication. The Chamber of Commerce is excited to see the proposals from this year’s finalists and wishes them all the best of luck in the competition.