Ex-Milkbasket CEO Anant Goel Plans To Sort Grocery Delivery With A New Startup


Anant Goel, the former CEO of Milkbasket, has launched a new venture called Sorted, an omnichannel platform for fruits and vegetables. Sorted aims to solve the challenges facing the F&V segment in India, such as physical contaminants, lack of efficient transportation and storage facilities, and inconsistent quality of produce delivered to households. The startup has partnered with mom-and-pop shops, procuring quality produce directly from farmers and delivering it to partner stores within a few hours of harvest. Sorted has raised over $5 million in its ongoing seed round and plans to reduce wastage in the F&V industry by providing consumers with a convenience of choice and consistent quality produce daily. Sorted aims to solve the challenges of convenience and quality for consumers. With the increasing demand for high-quality organic food, consumers are looking for reliable sources to purchase fresh produce. By partnering with mom-and-pop shops and sourcing directly from farmers, Sorted can provide consumers with a more trustworthy and convenient option. Furthermore, by aiming to reduce wastage in the fruits and vegetables industry, Sorted is taking a step towards sustainability, which is a crucial aspect of the food industry.