ERIP, Your Reliable Repairing Solution


ERIP is a full-stack platform for gadget and appliance after-sales services, founded by Arbaz Husain and Anees Pasha. By seamlessly addressing the repair needs of customers within a remarkable timeframe of under 15 minutes, ERIP has gathered the trust and patronage of over 3500 satisfied users.

The roots of ERIP can be traced back to the formative years of Arbaz Husain, following his graduation and on a trip to Visakhapatnam, Arbaz broke his iPhone 6+. Though determined to repair his phone, the endeavor to find a repair solution opened his eyes to a stark reality: the repair prices, quality standards, and utilization of spare parts exhibited remarkable disparities across one repair store to another.

Arbaz recognized the prevalence of issues such as inconsistent pricing, compromised user data privacy, wasted time, and the dearth of certified professionals and all this made him hesitant to hand over his expensive device for repair. This problem proved particularly poignant in India, where a substantial portion of the population belongs to the middle and lower economic classes, driving a strong inclination towards repairing rather than replacing expensive gadgets.

Fueled by his passion for connecting skilled technicians with customers in need, he went to Europe in pursuit of professional growth and a year later, replete with newfound insights and an unwavering resolve, Arbaz returned to his roots in Bangalore, brimming with an entrepreneurial spirit and continued his market research, revealing an expansive market teeming with unmet demands.

Tragically, the unforeseen arrival of the global Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the best-laid plans. However, Arbaz Husain remained resolute in his vision by this temporary setback. With the eventual abatement of the pandemic, he resurfaced with renewed determination, diligently laying the groundwork for his ambitious venture in October 2021. Finally, in March 2022, ERIP officially began its operations as a promising startup, to redefine the landscape of after-sales services of electronic devices.

ERIP stands as an unparalleled platform, embracing skilled technicians yearning for a stage to showcase their expertise. In a groundbreaking move, ERIP endeavors to reward technicians with remuneration twice as generous as that offered by local stores or other enterprises.

Moreover, ERIP pledges a world-class service experience to its valued customers. Setting new benchmarks, they provide an exceptional one-year warranty after every repair, a luxury often absents from the offerings of conventional repair companies. Going above and beyond, ERIP extends its 15-minute doorstep repair solution, effectively mitigating potential data breaches. Furthermore, ERIP champions standardized pricing for all repair services, addressing the glaring lack of organization and transparency prevalent in the industry.

Targeting the lucrative $3.5 billion mobile repair market alongside the $1.5 billion laptop, tablet, and watch repair sector, ERIP has positioned itself as a trustworthy & reliable repair partner. The experience shared by satisfied customers in their testimonials attests to the efficacy and unparalleled service quality of ERIP’s.

Environmental and Social Influence

ERIP goes beyond being just a startup; it is a service driven by a noble cause. Its profound impact is clearly visible, both on the environment and society. ERIP actively promotes the repair of devices instead of purchasing new ones, leading to a significant reduction in the number of discarded phones that end up as waste. This, in turn, brings about a positive environmental impact, benefiting our planet.

Moreover, ERIP’s influence extends to society in various ways. With a team consisting of highly skilled professionals and a focus on scalability, ERIP continues to grow steadily. By partnering with ERIP, mobile repairing technicians now have access to better income prospects. While the average earnings for a technician in this field range from 25,000 to 35,000, ERIP has uplifted the financial situation by offering technicians a remarkable income of 55,000 to 60,000 per month. This significant increase in earnings not only improves the livelihoods of technicians but also positively influences their families and communities.

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