Enhancing Marketing Efficiency with Personal Touch: Moving Beyond Traditional Methods


With D2C companies popping off thanks to a surge in digital adoption and the pandemic, several cutting edge technologies like Chatbot are being used to optimise marketing functionalities. Though these technologies are unbeatable in terms of efficiency but there’s a huge void that needs to be addressed: which was done by one of the core members of hustlezy Mr Nirmal, He had a very simple approach to this issue, A personal touch. Consumers crave an experience when they purchase a product and in a saturated market, these experiences are essential to differentiate your brand from the competition.

One of the company’s founders, Mr Ayush Sahai, is thrilled to announce that All the members of the founding team of Hustlezy and the Senior Sales Manager of Hustlezy, Mr Nirmal Abhishek,  have seen impressive results from their new strategy.

Having an automated sales funnel is quite fruitful but adopting traditional methods like cold calling, after sale calls, etc that invoke a personal response from consumers as they connect with a human are crucial in building brand equity and connecting with the consumers. With this method, the company saw an increase in 10% of returning customer rate in terms of abandoned cart recovery. Implementing automation in several marketing aspects has proven to be a high ROI activity while helping to increase the productivity of the team members.

Hustlezy is a unique D2C Ecommerce gifting company that provides customised gifting options along with a huge catalogue of quirky and trendy items that resonate with the millennials and GenZ Which was founded by 3 college going students. The company offers a fresh take on gifting by offering the customers a wide variety of items that they usually see on different social media channels under one roof. The brand has been growing tremendously as it does its due diligence in identifying and addressing the gaps in the market.

Nirmal, Senior Sales Manager of Hustlezy has seen great returns on implementing these technologies while sticking to fundamentals of sales techniques. Nirmal has been instrumental in implementation of cutting edge innovations in the organisation.

According to Mr Aryan Thakwani( Co-Founder of ) Hustlezy, “Harsh and Nirmal have been instrumental in developing new strategies and implementing cutting-edge technologies that have allowed us to increase our sales and expand our customer base. Their hard work and technical foresight have been key to our success.”

Harsh Vardhan Singh, another member of the founding team, has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge technologies in the company’s operations, helping to keep Hustlezy ahead of the competition. The combination of Harsh’s technical expertise and Nirmal’s emphasis on building strong personal relationships has been a key factor in the company’s achievement. By providing customers with a personalized touch, Hustlezy has been able to create a unique and memorable brand experience, which sets them apart from other competitors in a crowded market. This focus on personal connections has been instrumental in driving the company’s success.

Mr Nirmal, the company’s Sr. Manager, has been credited with developing a new approach to customer acquisition that has led to a significant increase in sales. “I am proud to have been a part of this team and played a role in the company’s success,” said Nirmal.

He further expands on how he leverages AI to improve the startup’s efficiency.

“Using AI to automate several steps in our funnel while our team focuses on connecting with our leads as well as consumers has proven to be a robust strategy in terms of cost, productivity and overall efficiency.”