Elon Musk Meets Biden Officials to Discuss About the EV Production 


Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk met two top White House  officers on Friday in Washington to discuss how the automaker and Popular President Joe Biden could work together to advance electric vehicle products and speed electrification ofU.S. vehicle networks. Musk met John Podesta, a Popular stalwart who serves as Biden’s elderly  counsel for clean energy invention, and Mitch Landrieu, who oversees structure spending, the White House said.

The billionaire and Biden have  frequently been at odds over political and labor issues. “John Podesta and Mitch Landrieu met with Elon Musk to talk participated pretensions around electrification and how the Bipartisan structure Law and Affectation Reduction Act can advance electric vehicle product and charging as well as the broader cause of electrification,” a White House prophet told Reuters.  A Reuters substantiation on Friday saw Podesta, Landrieu and Musk entering a town  structure that houses both Tesla’s Washington prompting operation and the Center for American Progress, a think tank Podesta  innovated. Landrieu and Podesta left about half an hour  late and didn’t answer questions.  Landrieu oversaw civil spending on structure, which included fiscal help for the electric vehicle assistance.

Podesta is the  chairman’s point man on spending on Biden’s climate and clean energy  enterprise.  Musk left about 45 twinkles after Podesta and Landrieu. He too ignored questions from a Reuters  journalist. Musk also met on Friday with Republican Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan, the  chairpersons of the House Judiciary and Oversight panels. On Thursday, he met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and compactly saluted House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries.  Asked whether the meeting  gestured a new phase in White House relations with Musk, Jean- Pierre said it “says a lot” about how Biden sees the significance of both pieces of legislation.