Decoding Licious’ Organic Application Growth Playbook


D2C startup Licious is leveraging its app to improve user engagement, retention and profitability. As 90% of Licious’ business is done via the app, it has access to user data, which helps the brand showcase the right products and categories to each user, thus boosting conversion rates and driving brand loyalty. Licious uses Branch Journeys to drive app downloads and increase its web-to-app conversion rate. The startup is also looking to expand its product offerings, including merchandising and its recently launched plant-based meat products under UnCrave.

Branch’s Journeys product seems to be an effective tool for driving app downloads and increasing web-to-app conversion rates through personalized app banners and other methods. As for Licious, the D2C startup may be considering merchandising as their next big move, in addition to promoting their recently launched plant-based meat products called UnCrave.

According to Vakul Agarwal, VP of Growth at Licious, the company’s success can be attributed to two steps. First, Licious focused on ensuring high-quality physical products, such as meat and related products, which cater to the needs of convenience-seeking and quality-conscious consumers. Second, the company worked on improving its apps on Android and iOS, providing personalized customer engagement and seamless customer experiences to its users, which has helped to retain its customers and drive growth. Licious’ mobile app plays a crucial role in the company’s growth and profitability, with 90% of its business coming from the app, according to Vakul Agarwal, VP of growth at Licious. As a result, Licious has access to user data that can be used to personalize the customer experience and feature different storefronts to different users based on their product preferences. By using data to differentiate its approach, Licious can showcase the right products and categories to each user, which can help to boost conversion rates and drive brand loyalty.