Concert Tourism: How Fans Save Money by Traveling Abroad for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Shows

Concert Tourism
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - MAY 10: (Editorial Use Only) (Exclusive Coverage) Beyoncé performs onstage during the opening night of the “RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR” at Friends Arena on May 10, 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkwood)

Concert tourism is becoming a popular trend among music fans as ticket prices for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift concerts reach exorbitant levels. With the cost of prime tickets soaring to four digits, some Americans are opting to travel overseas to catch their favorite artists in action. This article explores the rising popularity of concert tourism, highlighting how fans are saving money by attending shows abroad.

Shelby Messing, a devoted Beyoncé fan, decided to fly to Spain to witness Beyoncé’s performance during her sold-out Renaissance world tour. By heading to Barcelona, Messing estimates that she saved at least $1,000 compared to the cost of tickets in the United States. In Spain, she paid a flat fee of roughly $27 for a general admission concert ticket, while in the U.S., the same ticket would have incurred additional fees amounting to almost 50% of its face value. These significantly lower ticket fees in Spain contribute to substantial savings for concertgoers.

Triada Cross, another Beyoncé enthusiast, used credit-card points to travel from Dallas to Germany for the singer’s shows in Hamburg and Frankfurt. The total cost of her trip, including flights, accommodation, and transportation, amounted to $3,525, which is still less than the price of a single VIP ticket package in the U.S. Cross emphasized the consumer protection laws in Europe and the appeal of avoiding the issues associated with ticket sales, such as the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster controversy.

The dominance of Ticketmaster in the U.S. ticketing market is a significant factor driving up ticket prices. Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model adjusts ticket prices based on demand, enabling the company to maximize profits. Additionally, high fees imposed by Ticketmaster further inflate costs for concertgoers. Exclusive agreements between Ticketmaster and major concert venues restrict competition, contributing to the lack of alternatives for fans. The excessive fees and lack of competition have drawn criticism from both fans and artists, leading to lawsuits and calls for legislative action.

Efforts are underway to address these issues. Legislators introduced the “Junk Fees Prevention Act” to curb excessive and deceptive fees. However, experts argue that comprehensive federal action is needed to tackle the broader market problems resulting from the monopoly power of Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation.

Concert tourism provides an alternative for music fans seeking to attend Beyoncé and Taylor Swift shows without breaking the bank. By traveling abroad, fans can take advantage of lower ticket fees and more consumer-friendly markets. The prevalence of Ticketmaster and its pricing practices in the U.S. have led fans to explore international options for affordable concert experiences. While legislative efforts are underway, further action is necessary to address the monopolistic power and high fees associated with ticket sales in the United States.