Revolutionizing On-Demand Cleaning Services Across India

15, an innovative on-demand cleaning service platform, is revolutionizing the way Indian households access professional and convenient cleaning solutions. Established in 2020, the company operates across major tier 1 and tier 2 cities, including Kolkata, Kochi, Pune, Nagpur, Gurugram, and Jaipur, catering to the growing demand for reliable cleaning services.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the on-demand home services industry in India is expected to reach USD 6396.81 million by 2029, exhibiting an impressive 8.0% CAGR. empowers working professionals by providing seamless access to skilled service providers, while simultaneously creating employment opportunities for millions of skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry:

Clean Shala is shaking things up in India’s on-demand cleaning service industry – and we’re loving it! This innovative platform has an ultra user-friendly web-based online booking system that makes scheduling cleaning services an absolute breeze. From top-to-bottom deep cleaning for your home or office to specialized services for those tough spots like kitchens, bathrooms, sofas, carpets and water tanks, Clean Shala has you covered. But get this – they offer high-quality cleaning at affordable prices without tacking on any annoying booking fees!

Their cleaning crew doesn’t mess around either. They use cutting-edge equipment and green, non-toxic chemicals to make sure your space sparkles without any harsh residues. partners with the best local service providers who stay in direct contact with you throughout the process. No middleman hassles here! Any issues that (hopefully never) come up are between you and the provider though, not

Using their website is crazy simple too. Check service rates, peep detailed task lists, submit all your details and you can even call or chat with their team right then to confirm your booking! No app…yet. But their online experience is so smooth, you won’t even miss it. is definitely changing the cleaning game with its fresh approach!

Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead, Clean Shala’s got big plans to take the on-demand cleaning game nationwide! According to the founder M Maity himself, they’re gearing up to expand services to more cities across India. But that’s not all – they want to level up their offerings with specialized gigs like marble polishing and pool cleaning in certain areas. 

Oh, and a slick booking app is definitely on the roadmap to make things even smoother for customers. Clean Shala’s also looking to partner with more local vendors in each city to keep that growth going strong!

Contact Information:

Name: M Maity

Email Address:

Head office: Ballygunge, Kolkata

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