“CIA Appeals to Disenchanted Russians for Secure Communication Amidst Ukraine Conflict


In an effort to gather information about the Ukraine war and other relevant intelligence, the CIA has released a video on social media platforms offering Russians a secure means to communicate with the agency. The video, available in Russian, was initially posted on Telegram and subsequently shared on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The CIA aims to reach out to courageous Russians who feel compelled to share secrets regarding the Russian government’s involvement in the unjust war, assuring their safety in the process.

The highly-produced two-minute video showcases individuals in contemplative moments, gazing out of windows or sitting on park benches, suggesting they are facing a significant decision. One scene depicts a man entering a government building while displaying his identification card. The video evokes emotion by portraying individuals staring at family portraits, seemingly contemplating the future of their children. Towards the end, the Russians contact the CIA using their phones.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, expressed confidence in their country’s special services’ ability to monitor such activities. Meanwhile, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman deemed it a “very convenient resource for tracking applicants.” The CIA official responsible for the video described it as depicting “fictional Russian officials making the difficult but important decision to secretly contact the CIA using our portal on the dark web.”

The video underscores the challenges faced by those living in Russia, where speaking out and telling the truth can result in severe consequences. The CIA seeks individuals who possess trustworthy information about Russia and can securely communicate with the agency. The video’s narrative centers around an apparent bureaucrat and his family, reflecting on their lives and the trajectory of their country. It appeals to Russian national identity, the aspiration for a better future, and the concept of heroism.

This initiative by the CIA is the latest attempt to recruit disaffected Russians amidst Moscow’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Over a year ago, the agency posted instructions in Russian on how to securely contact them. Although specific details were not disclosed, the CIA official indicated that the recruitment effort has yielded results, suggesting its continuation.

The invasion of Ukraine and the current state of the country under Putin’s rule have created opportunities for Western intelligence agencies to attract disillusioned Russians. CIA Director of Operations, David Marlowe, expressed the agency’s willingness to collaborate with Russians who share their dissatisfaction with the Kremlin’s actions. The agency recognizes that disaffection with the war will continue to impact the Russian leadership.

Despite disagreements between Washington and Moscow, the CIA emphasizes that the United States and the Russian people are not enemies. The agency admires the courage and determination of many Russians striving to uphold their country’s values and ideals. The CIA official also highlighted their interest in a broad range of information from Russia, including advanced science, military and cyber technology, financial data, and foreign policy secrets.

Through this recruitment campaign, the CIA seeks to establish secure lines of communication with disenchanted Russians, aiming to gather valuable insights into the Ukraine conflict and various aspects of Russian society.