Byju’s rolls out virtual sales plan amid concerns


Amid mis-selling concerns, edtech giant Byju’s has swapped its existing direct sales with a new internal sales plan to avoid mis-spelling and expand the grasp of customers through a virtual procedure over zoom.

The edtech decacorn, which claims to take over 150 million registered learners, rolled out a four-tier tech-driven internal auction, which begins with educating an incoming lead about Byju’s product portfolio and its new repayment policy over a live Zoom session that is recorded for future review, the company said on Monday. The refund for a product is also done over a Zoom call, the company said. The new inside sales strategy, launched in October, is publicized amid increased criticism against the tech firm for aggressively pitching its courses through its on-field rummage sale push.

Incidentally, the alteration in sales strategy comes following reports of the National Commission for Protection of Youngster Rights‘ (NCPCR) meeting with the company in December, when it elevated concerns around complaints of mis-spelling and over-selling by the company’s aggressive sales tactics.

“The rise of the post-pandemic world required us to give a fresh look at how we occupy with our customers in the initial stages of a potentially enduring relationship. Byju’s is fully dedicated to a transparent sales mechanism, and our tech-driven, four-tier approach augments communication and precludes potential/rare mis-selling,” said Mrinal Mohit, chief decision-making of Byju’s India.

Mohit said Byju’s sales squad only reaches out to people who have downloaded the product. “We are powerless to spread 50% of our users. We want to grasp out to the hinterlands to tier – 5 and 6 cities. We be certain of education cannot be done without technology, and we have just started.” Given him, it’s a lot easier to remove the barrier of digital substructure in the country than physical infrastructure. “The newly introduced sales model is far more rigorous, entirely remote, and contains a centralized tech-driven audit process that guarantees all sales are triple-checked… The company has introduced multiple checks to verify customers’ intent and accord to purchase,” the company said.

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