Boeing Co Expects to Cut About 2,000 White-collar Jobs this Year 


Boeing plans to make staffing cuts in the aerospace company’s finance and mortal  coffers departments in 2023, with a loss of around 2,000 jobs, the company said. “We anticipate about 2,000 reductions primarily in Finance and HR through a combination of  waste and layoffs,” Boeing said in a statement Monday. “While no one has been notified of job loss, we will continue to partake information transparently to allow people to plan”. The company, which lately  dislocated its headquarters to Arlington, Virginia, said it expects to “significantly grow ” the overall pool during the time.

“We grew Boeing’s pool by 15,000 last time and plan to hire another 10,000 workers this time with a focus on engineering and manufacturing,” the statement said. Boeing’s total pool was 156,000 workers as of Dec. 31, 2022, the company said. In a letter to workers on Wednesday, Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun said that “Following the reduction-in-force advertisement we made last month, we’ve concluded our voluntary layoff (VLO) program. And now we’ve come to the unfortunate moment of having to start involuntary layoffs. We’re notifying the first 6770 of our U.S. team members this week that they will be affected”. Meanwhile, amid the 10 pool cut, Boeing has also declared the resumption of production of the controversial 737 Maximum.

The aircraft was damaged in March 2019 due to serious setbacks in  hurried product causing two terrible accidents — one in October 2018 in Indonesia and the other in March 2019 in Ethiopia leading to the death of 346 passengers and crew. The accidents were primarily criticized as a design failure. 500 of Boeing’s best- dealing  aeroplanes were ordered out of service and the company halted production of the 737 Max airliner in January this time. “We’ve been on a nonstop  trip to evolve our product system and make it indeed stronger,” said Walt Odisho, vice chairman and general  director of the 737 program.