BJP MP Pratap Simha Faces Political Storm


In the midst of a political firestorm surrounding the Lok Sabha security breach, BJP MP Pratap Simha finds himself at the center of controversy. The incident, marked by the intrusion of two individuals who created a ruckus, has triggered a series of events culminating in the suspension of 143 Opposition MPs from the Parliament’s Winter Session.

Simha’s office, crucially, had issued visitor passes to the intruders, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative. In response to the allegations and the emergence of ‘traitor’ posters, the BJP lawmaker made his first public statement on the matter. He asserted that the people of the country would render their judgment during the 2024 general elections.

The controversy hinges on Simha’s involvement in facilitating the entry of individuals into the Lok Sabha, leading to questions about security protocols and political repercussions. The suspension of a significant number of Opposition MPs further intensifies the political climate, setting the stage for a charged Winter Session.

About BJP MP Pratap Simha:

In his public response, Simha adopted a philosophical stance, stating that he left the determination of his allegiance—whether he is deemed a traitor or a patriot—to the gods and his supporters. He invoked the symbolic power of deities such as Mother Goddess Chamundeshwari and Mother Goddess Cauvery, along with the support of his readers and the people of Mysuru and Kodagu who have witnessed his contributions over the years.

Simha’s reference to his longstanding association with the people of Karnataka, grounded in two decades of writings and nearly a decade of dedicated work in Mysuru and Kodagu, underscores his confidence in their ability to discern his commitment to the country, dharma, and nationalism.

As the political saga unfolds, the looming specter of the 2024 general elections adds a crucial dimension to the controversy. Simha’s fate, as he suggests, will be decided by the ballot, with voters serving as the ultimate arbiters of his political standing.

The incident not only raises questions about individual accountability but also prompts a broader reflection on the state of security measures within the corridors of power. As the political landscape continues to evolve, all eyes will be on the upcoming elections, where the electorate is poised to deliver its verdict on Pratap Simha and the issues that surround him.