Anas Haloui: When Passion and Determination Meet


Anas Haloui’s journey in the world of boxing is a living demonstration of passion and determination. Hailing from Liège, Belgium, this 24-year-old prodigy has etched his name in the history of Belgian boxing. But behind the dazzling successes in the ring lie moments of transition and evolution that have shaped his trajectory.

After being trained at BC Queensburry under the guidance of Moustafa Laaouaj, Anas experienced a major turning point when Thierry Janssens facilitated his transfer to BC Cocktail. This transition marked a period of intense evolution, where Anas was able to refine his art under the guidance of talents such as Roberto Vicari, Riccardo Pistonne, and Christian Defauwes.

Beyond the titles and victories, Anas Haloui embodies a story of dedication and aspiration. His ability to overcome obstacles and continue dreaming big is a source of inspiration for aspiring boxers and dreamers from all walks of life.