Advertisers Queue Up As JioCinema Breaks IPL Viewership Records


JioCinema, the video streaming platform of Indian telecom giant Reliance Jio, has broken viewership records during the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament, attracting a large number of advertisers to its platform. JioCinema reported a 300% increase in viewership during the 2021 IPL season, with a total of over 100 million views. The surge in viewership on JioCinema is attributed to the platform’s user-friendly interface, high-quality video streaming, and extensive library of movies and TV shows. The platform’s popularity during the IPL season has also been boosted by the company’s aggressive marketing campaigns, which have targeted cricket fans across India. Advertisers have been quick to take advantage of JioCinema’s growing audience, with several leading brands signing up to advertise on the platform during the IPL season. JioCinema has reportedly attracted top advertisers across multiple categories, including consumer goods, telecom, and e-commerce. JioCinema’s success during the IPL season is seen as a significant milestone for the platform, which has been rapidly gaining popularity in the Indian market. The platform has been positioning itself as a leading destination for premium video content, with a focus on delivering high-quality, engaging content to users across India.

Overall, JioCinema’s success during the IPL season is expected to boost the platform’s growth and attract more advertisers in the future. The platform’s ability to attract a large and engaged audience, combined with its strong marketing and advertising capabilities, make it a formidable competitor in the Indian video streaming market.