Actor Satish Shah’s Attacks 2023 Racist Comment Against UK’s Heathrow Airport Wins Internet! Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Satish Shah
Satish Shah

Actor Satish Shah’s response to a racist comment he received at United Kingdom’s Heathrow Airport is successful viral on social media. Taking to Twitter, the ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ actor exposed that he was at the airport, headed to sheet his flight when he overheard the operate at the Heathrow Airport questioning how they (presumably Mr. Shah and his family) can have enough money a first-class plane ticket. To this, Mr Shah said that he calmly replied. 

“I replied with a pleased smile ‘because we are Indians’ after I overheard the Heathrow staff wonderingly demanding his mate ‘how can they afford 1st class?'” Mr Shah bare.

Satish Shah’s comment

Mr. Shah’s tweet has saved more than 11,000 likes and several comments. Heathrow Airport also replied to the tweet apologizing for the happenstance. “Good morning, we’re apologetic to hear around this happenstance. May you DM us?” the airport inscribed in the commentaries. 

Several internet users too praised Mr. Shah for standing up to the racist comment. Some even urged the UK government to take needed measures. 

We desirable Ms. Sarabhai to be there. She’d have given an unrestrained reply. This was still okay, like typical Mr Sarabhai. Lost those series,” wrote one user. “Next while please add one extra line that whatever they are affording today is also meanwhile of Indian money, their offspring looted,” said another. 

A third user observed, “@HeathrowAirport Please teach your staff how to perform and move beyond this silly & backward attitude of sidelining per Race. The world is very liberal now.

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