Actor ”Neel Vishal Mishra” : Biography, Family & Movie’s


” NEEL VISHAL MISHRA ” is an Indian actor, Fashion Model , Born on 8th of March at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh . Neel Vishal Mishra work as an actor in A Reality show “Seven Battle Star” known as contestants. Among the many laurels lauding his fame with Fabulous fashion week – as an actor, Seven battle star – as an actor, Mission majnu – as an supporting role, Code Name Tringa – as an actor, An Action Hero – as an actor.

Vishal Mishra has been calm, promising, intelligent and fearless since his childhood. He started theatre at the age of 10 years old, he always wanted to be an actor ever since he was a little kid. He knew that he had to do something related to performing arts and he enjoyed acting the most as it incorporated so many different art forms. He must say, he was a very filmy kid. He used to watch a lot of TV and get very influenced by Bollywood & Hollywood.


Nationality :– India

Occupation of Neel Vishal Mishra:– . Actor . Fashion Model . Dancer

Neel Vishal Mishra Parent(s) :–Ashok Kumar Mishra (Father) & Pratiksha Mishra (Mother)