About the founder of EMORI – India’s lab grown diamond jewelry brand


Founder’s background

Arushi, founder of EMORI, a graduate in management from IIM Calcutta and engineering from Panjab University, brings over 10 years of experience in the online D2C space. Her career began in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, followed by roles in consulting firms and OYO. During her 6 years at OYO, she learned all about the online e-commerce space, building a brand, technology, and product. During her entire corporate journey, she excelled in driving revenue and product-led growth, contributing to the success of multiple businesses. She has always been passionate about delivering high quality products and services to consumers.

Arushi’s connection with diamonds

Arushi’s connection with the world of diamonds dates back to her childhood, influenced by her grandparents in Surat. Growing up and visiting her grandparents, it was a norm for her to visit multiple diamond jewelry retailers due to the popularity of Surat diamonds back in the day. Diamonds and diamond jewelry always intrigued her. However, this fascination with diamonds coexisted with her deep concern for the environment due to the harmful impact of traditional diamond mining. Her discovery of lab-grown diamonds, which offered affordability, sustainability, and a striking similarity to natural diamonds, ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. She truly believed that this could be a game changer in the jewelry industry.

About lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds made in a laboratory. They have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds. The two main differences from natural diamonds are that they are manmade unlike natural diamonds that are mined from the earth and that lab diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds. 

Beginning of Emori

With the discovery of lab grown diamonds that cost 1/10th the price of natural diamonds, Arushi believed that diamonds should no longer be confined to a few women. Diamonds are no longer only for those who choose to splurge on expensive pieces of jewellery. Luxury should be affordable to everyone every day. And with that aim, and with customer satisfaction and happiness at the core of her values, she founded Emori, fulfilling her lifelong dream of entrepreneurship.

Emori’s vision

Emori aims to take the aspiration of the big diamonds to the women of India in the most economical way. Whether one is gearing up for a client meeting, seeking a thoughtful gift for their mom, or planning a weekend getaway with their closest friends, at Emori one can choose luxury every day with lab grown diamonds. Emori aspires to provide the highest quality jewelry at the best possible prices to its customers.